Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Remember Last Winter?


Is Your Car Ready?


Unless you spent last winter on a warm tropical island, the memory of last winter is a good lesson of just how cruel Mother Nature can be.  Before long, winter will once again be upon us.  As a result of last winter's harsh weather there was a significant increase of winter related car problems.  Many of these problems were due to lack of proper vehicle maintenance and may have been avoided.  Also, the cold, ice, snow, salt and wind can have damaging effects on your vehicle.

The Best insurance against a breakdown or a no start on a cold winter day is preventive maintenance.  And the best time to have your car checked out for the winter is now.  some of the more critical items to inspect are:  The battery, antifreeze, heater, hoses, belts, defroster, tires, fluids, wipers, lights, brakes, suspension and filters.  Also, ensure your car is up to date with all required maintenance services.

Be prepared this winter and ensure you have the proper tires on your vehicles.
Stop in today for a FREE Tire and Battery Check or make an appointment online at:  Service Appointment.  and, while you're there ask about our 30-day Price Match on Tires.

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