Monday, April 21, 2014

Earth Day - April 22

Get involved with Earth Day on April 22-- We at Audia Chevrolet understand that as a business we have a responsibility to our community and to the planet. Being a green facility is not new for us, we do our part everyday to protect our environment.  Here is a list of things that we do to protect the environment. 

  • Fluid recycling: All fluids removed from your vehicle are recycled: Engine oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid and differential fluid.
  • Batteries: When a new battery is installed in your car, the old battery is returned to the factory where it is processed and all the elements of the battery are recycled.
  • Tires: All worn tires are recycled.
  • Scrap metal: Your vehicle is assembled using many different types of metals: steel, cooper, aluminum, brass, etc. All metals are separated and recycled.
  • Part recycling and Re-manufacturing: Many vehicle parts are removed and sent back to the factory to be re-manufacturer and used again. This saves you money on future part’s purchase and also helps saves the planet.
  • Parts Cleaning Solvents:  All solvents and chemicals used to clean your engine and other components are environmentally friendly and recycled.
  • Shop Rages and Uniforms: Our shop rags and uniforms are cleaned using environmentally friendly products.
  • Facility Maintenance: We do not wash our floors using any harmful chemicals. In fact, we use a solid compound to absorb all oils, grease and other liquids, which is then recycled. No contaminates ever reaches the environment or ground water.
  • Windshields, Glass and Other Body Components:  All windshields, glass and nearly every body part is recycled, to be used again in the manufacturing of new vehicles and other products.
  • We use recycled oil to heat some of our buildings.
  • We also do not pave our car storage lots and keep them in grass to prevent run-off and aid in groundwater retention for local well
We encourage other business' and people in the community to do the same to live a healthier, cleaner environment and protect the planet for our future.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Driving Safety Tips

Spring is the perfect time to have Audia Chevrolet inspect your car and to ensure it's up to date with all required maintenance. Below are a few basic tips to get you started for spring driving.

Car Care Tips:
  • April showers bring rain-  Slow down on slick roads, and increase your distance even when mist begins to fall. Keep in mind that even a small amount of water can mix with oil and road dust to create slippery conditions. Tires can hydroplane on a layer of water; losing contact with the road and causing the vehicle to skid.  Slow down during a rain storm. 
  • Replacement of Windshield Wipers- Be sure your vehicle is ready for rain by replacing your windshield wipers at least once a year. Don’t drive faster than your wipers can clear water from the windshield.
  • Avoid large puddles- which can impair your brakes, cloud your vision, or cause you to hydroplane and lose control of your vehicle. If you can’t avoid a puddle and find your vehicle hydroplaning, gently ease your foot off of the accelerator—do not brake.
  • Share the road- Warm weather brings motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians out on the roads.  More pedestrians have developed bad habits of texting, talking on cellphones, and listening to music, they can be unaware of the traffic around them. Be extra cautious around intersections and in residential communities.
  • Driving while on medications-  Spring growth often causes seasonal allergies, so keep in mind that over-the-counter allergy drugs can have side effects or interact with other medications to cause drowsiness or diminish your driving ability.
  • Hitting Potholes - After-effect of winter weather—can hurt your tires or throw your car’s front end out of alignment. If you can’t avoid a pothole, try to slow down, as the damage can be costly to fix.
  • Proper Tire Care-  Keeping tires inflated can reduce damage from potholes, uneven pavement, and other road hazards.
  • Changing Car's Filter-   The cabin air filter, which removes pollutants before they enter your vehicle, can be essential in minimizing the amount of dust or pollen that enters your vehicle, thus relieving your allergies during travel.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Child Car Safety

Is your child in a the right car seat?

Each year thousands of children are injured or killed in car crashes. As a parent, the safety of your child is always top of mind.  Along with following safe practices on the road, you child’s seat is important too. The proper use of child seats and the right seat helps to protect your child while in your car.  Choosing the right car seat depends on vehicle model, your child’s age, size and weight.

For more information on child seat safety please visit:  Child Safety for Parents

Monday, February 24, 2014

Potholes Creating Hovac on the Roads

And, Maybe Damaging To Your Vehicle

We are seeing more potholes related to the harsh winter we are having this season.  With temperature swings from near zero to the high 40s, potholes are inevitable. Hitting a pothole with your car is nearly unavoidable. 
If and when you do hit a pothole, don’t ignore it.  You may have done serious damage to the tire or rim.  The damage may cause a tire to lose pressure, which sometime is not noticed until later on, sometimes not until the next day.  Take a look at all the tires and wheels; if you see damage to the wheel or tire, contact us right away; as you may cause more damage to your vehicle.   

You'll need to consider is damage that is not obvious; such as:  wheel alignment issues, balance issues, suspension damage and steering damage.   Having you car inspected periodically during the winter months for pothole-related damage will save you time and money in the long run. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chevrolet Accelerates to 4G LTE Speeds in 2014

U.S. and Canada to Get OnStar 4G LTE by Summer

Starting this summer, Chevrolet will have some of the fastest vehicles on the roads, and that has nothing to do with horsepower. 

Chevrolet drivers will be enjoying high-speed data - made possible by a new OnStar 4G LTE connection in the vehicle, running on AT&T’s network, the nation’s fastest and most reliable 4G LTE network.

Chevrolet today announced at the Consumer Electronics Show that the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette, Impala, Malibu, and Volt would be the first General Motors’ vehicles to come optionally equipped with OnStar 4G LTE. They will be followed by the Equinox, Silverado, Silverado HD, Spark and Spark EV. In the Canadian market, OnStar with 4G LTE will be introduced on the Chevrolet Trax as well. The majority of the 2015 Chevrolet lineup in the U.S and Canada will have a 4G LTE connection built-in at vehicle launch. More models will be announced later this year.

“Chevrolet is expected to implement the broadest deployment of 4G LTE in the automotive industry,” said Alan Batey, senior vice president of Global Chevrolet. “The fact that OnStar with 4G LTE will be available in models that range from the Chevrolet Spark to the Silverado to the Corvette, is indicative of our broad commitment to deliver more value and convenience through smart technology applications. This new, purposeful technology solution will make our consumers lives easier to connect.” 

Vehicles Equipped with Built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot
The 4G LTE rollout will bring a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot to most Chevrolet vehicles, which allows passengers to connect their personal devices, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets, to high-speed wireless internet. Each vehicle can accommodate multiple devices at one time.

“We know that our customers rely on being connected on a daily, if not hourly basis, and they expect to be provided with the information and content they desire with no interruptions,” said Mary Chan, president, GM’s Global Connected Consumer. “A 4G LTE hotspot that’s built into a car’s architecture will provide a more consistent and powerful Wi-Fi connection than a smartphone.”

With OnStar’s 4G LTE connection, the vehicle acts as a mobile hub, giving customers easier access to apps and services that require a high-speed cellular or data connection. The vehicle will employ a wireless connection that does not rely on a brought-in mobile device.

In collaboration with AT&T, the data connection in the car will be fast – and flexible. Current AT&T customers will be able to add their vehicle to a shareable bucket of data through AT&T Mobile Share plans. All drivers can also pay for data as a standalone option. Additional pricing and data packages for OnStar 4G LTE will be announced later in 2014.

Chevrolet AppShop Offers Connected Car Personalization
Chevrolet MyLink will offer consumers an enhancement with the built in AppShop, available on select 2015 Chevrolet models in the U.S. and Canada. AppShop will benefit from the embedded 4G LTE connection.

Chevrolet AppShop is accessible through an icon on the MyLink screen that allows owners to view all available apps and download them directly to the vehicle, then organize, update or delete them as needed. Available apps will connect drivers to vehicle data, music, news, weather, travel information and more.

“The built-in 4G LTE connection will allow our vehicles to be updated with the latest software and apps,” said Chan. “This means that the driver’s vehicle infotainment systems can keep getting better after purchase as customers can continue to add on and customize their features.”

An initial list of planned apps announced today includes Vehicle Health, iHeartRadio,, The Weather Channel, NPR, Slacker Radio, TuneIn Radio, Cityseeker, Eventseeker, Glympse and Kaliki.

OnStar’s 10th Generation to Debut
Chevrolet’s 4G LTE launch coincides with the 10th hardware generation of OnStar, a service that debuted in GM vehicles in 1996. The upgrade will allow for voice and high speed data services.  

“We are focused on constantly improving the OnStar service so that the system continues to remain a trusted value-add for GM drivers,” said Terry Inch, chief operating officer, OnStar. “4G LTE will enable the most powerful OnStar connection ever.”

OnStar Advisors currently respond to approximately 185,000 calls every day or more than two calls every second. OnStar is standard across the 2014 Chevrolet lineup. The OnStar RemoteLink Key Fob Services smartphone app, which allows owners to lock or unlock doors, activate the horn and lights, and remotely start a properly-equipped vehicle, is included for five years for properly equipped Chevrolet vehicles in the U.S.

About OnStar LLC
OnStar, LLC (OnStar) is a wholly owned subsidiary of GM Holdings LLC (“GM”). Along with its affiliate Shanghai OnStar Telematics Co. Ltd (a joint venture involving OnStar, Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd (SGM) and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC)), OnStar serves more than 6.5 million subscribers in the U.S, Canada and China. OnStar is a provider of connected safety, security and mobility solutions and advanced information technology. OnStar's key services include automatic crash response, stolen vehicle assistance, remote door unlock, turn-by-turn navigation, vehicle diagnostics and hands-free calling.