Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Remember Last Winter?


Is Your Car Ready?


Unless you spent last winter on a warm tropical island, the memory of last winter is a good lesson of just how cruel Mother Nature can be.  Before long, winter will once again be upon us.  As a result of last winter's harsh weather there was a significant increase of winter related car problems.  Many of these problems were due to lack of proper vehicle maintenance and may have been avoided.  Also, the cold, ice, snow, salt and wind can have damaging effects on your vehicle.

The Best insurance against a breakdown or a no start on a cold winter day is preventive maintenance.  And the best time to have your car checked out for the winter is now.  some of the more critical items to inspect are:  The battery, antifreeze, heater, hoses, belts, defroster, tires, fluids, wipers, lights, brakes, suspension and filters.  Also, ensure your car is up to date with all required maintenance services.

Be prepared this winter and ensure you have the proper tires on your vehicles.
Stop in today for a FREE Tire and Battery Check or make an appointment online at:  Service Appointment.  and, while you're there ask about our 30-day Price Match on Tires.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Audia Chevrolet Automotive Blog: The Long Haul - Caring For Your Vehicle

Audia Chevrolet Automotive Blog: The Long Haul - Caring For Your Vehicle: FIVE TIPS TO EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR VEHICLE In these times we are all looking for ways to keep our cost down especially when it comes to o...

The Long Haul - Caring For Your Vehicle


In these times we are all looking for ways to keep our cost down especially when it comes to our vehicles.  Periodic maintenance is key to prolonging the life of one’s vehicle and if properly maintained you can ride your vehicle well into the “golden years”

Follow these rules and you can keep your vehicle running in proper condition especially thru the harsh winter months.

Don't Neglect Service
You didn’t get a 100,000 miles by putting off those service visits, so don’t start now! Higher mileage   
vehicles need service more then ever.  Keep up with those oil changes as recommended in your manual,
every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.  Some vehicles can go longer.  Keep an eye other parts as well, particularly
brakes and tires.

Tend to Your Tires
Keeping your tires rotated, inflated and properly maintained is essential to the life of your car, whatever the mileage, and as your vehicle ages the way your tires wear may change too.  If your tires start to wear unevenly or if you feel the car shake, shimmy or pull to one side while you drive you probably have some balance or alignment issues to look into.   Properly inflated tires equals good fuel mileage and that means less work for an aging engine, too.  See that they’re inflated to the specs on the inside of the driver’s side door, and remember to prolong the life of your tires by rotating and balancing every other oil change.

It’s All In the Timing
If your car has a timing belt, you’ll want to replace it at the recommended time (60,000 miles for many models—check your owners manual to be certain).  An aging belt can cause engine problems and a damaged one can leave you marooned—or worse, cause serious damage to your engine.

Lookin'' Sharp!                 
Finally, don’t neglect the looks of your car.  You’ll want to make sure you give the outside of your car as much TLC as you give to the moving parts under the surface.  Of course, this is about more than just looking good—washing and waxing don’t just preserve your shining finish, they help keep rust at bay and that is good for everything under the surface. Too

Follow these tips and talking with your service technician, you and  your car could have a brilliant future together.

Tis the Season for Holiday Parties... Not Drinking and Driving

It’s that time of the year and everyone’s celebrating the holidays! Many of us either host or attend a holiday party during this month.  So, whether you’re attending a work event or a family party – eating and drinking alcoholic beverages, it’s important to remember to have a plan prior to arriving.  Assign a designated driver, have the number to a local cab company or know your public transportation route.  Avoid driving if under the influence of alcohol. You’re not only putting yourself in danger, but other passengers and motorists as well.
A Few Myths About Drinking and Driving
Think you know everything there is to know about drinking and driving - think again!
1.  Coffee or a cold shower will sober you up. False: Only time can sober you up.
2.  If you avoid liquor and stay with beer and wine you will be fine. False: A 12 oz. beer and  
      a 5 oz glass of  wine have as much alcohol as a 1.5 oz glass of whisky.
3.   As long as you roll down the windows and turn up the radio, you will be okay to drive
      home. False: Neither of these will help enhance your alertness, motor skills or judgment.
4.       By driving slow, you will avoid getting into an accident. False: Driving too slow could
      potentially cause an accident and besides, driving under the influence is never a good idea
      at any speed.

The Consequences of Drinking and driving are very serious. 
You can potentially harm innocent people including yourself.  So, follow some simple rules if you’re attending a holiday party this season.   

·                       Ask friends to designate a driver before the party begins.
·                       Collect everyone's coats and keys as they arrive.
·                       Encourage lively conversations and group activities that focus on fun and not alcohol.
·                       Make food and non-alcoholic drinks easily available.
·                       Provide plenty of food so the focus is not solely on alcohol. Never serve alcohol to   
              anyone under the age of 21.
·                       If someone has had too much to drink, offer to have them spend the night or call a cab –
              don't let them drive home drunk.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Deer Mating Season Is Here:

Fall means a substantial increase in deer-to-vehicle collisions.  These accidents can cause serious injury and damage.

According to a leading insurer, such collisions have risen more than 20% since 2008. For the last four years.   Each year, collisions with deer kill about 200 people, and the average cost of damage is $3,103. Deer accidents occur most frequently between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., but herds are also very active in the early morning. 

Remember that deer typically travel in groups, so if you see one, there’s a very good chance more will pop out. It’s mating season, so bucks will be more aggressive than usual. If you should strike a deer, keep in mind that they can be dangerous, especially when injured.

A collision with a deer is covered by auto insurance provided you have comprehensive or, other-than Collision auto coverage. In an effort to save on insurance costs many people have cancelled their comprehensive insurance.  Be sure to check your policy and give your insurance company a call and protect yourself and add the coverage if needed.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Chevrolet Celebrates 100th Anniversary with 2012 Centennial Edition Corvette Package

The Chevrolet brand turns 100 this year, and unlike some people that like to hide their age after a certain point, the automaker is out to tell the world. Among the many celebrations planned for this occasion is the presentation a special 2012 Centennial Edition Corvette with a black color scheme and unique design elements.

The 2012 Centennial Edition will be available as a special package on all Corvette models, including the Grand Sport that features a 6.2-liter V8 pumping out 430HP, the Z06 that comes equipped with a 505HP 7.0-liter V8 and the flagship ZR1 with its 638-hp supercharged LS9 V8 engine.
The special package comes exclusively in Carbon Flash Metallic, with satin-black graphics and unique Centennial Satin Black wheels and red brake calipers. The lightweight wheels come with a thin red outline around the perimeter of its surface on the Z06, and are specific to the respective Corvette models, including 18-inch/19-inch for Coupe, Convertible and Grand Sport; and 19-inch/20-inch for Z06 and ZR1.

Other exclusive features include a graphic logo featuring an image of Louis Chevrolet that appears on the B-pillars, the center caps of the wheels, and the center of the steering wheel, while the crossed flags badge contains a small adaptation, with “100” in place of the traditional fleur-de-lis symbol.

The black and red color theme is continued inside with the Ebony leather-wrapped instrument panel and doors complemented by red stitching on the steering wheel, seats, console and shifter. The interior also gets microfiber suede accents on the seats, steering wheel, shifter and armrests, while the seat headrests carry an embossed centennial logo.

All Centennial Edition Corvette models will be equipped with GM’s Magnetic Selective Ride Control as standard.

The Corvette Centennial Edition package will be available through the order code ZLC, with pricing to be released this summer prior to the start of sales.
Those in a hurry can participate in a special auction of a Corvette Z06 Centennial Edition at the Barrett-Jackson event in West Palm Beach, Florida, on April 9, with the proceeds to benefit the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer.

The auction model will be the 100th 2012 Corvette to roll off the assembly line, with a vehicle identification number ending in “00100”, and will be based on the production 3LZ model with the Z07 performance package, new Z06 carbon fiber hood and CFZ carbon fiber package which includes the following features:.

  • Bose premium sound system, with one-year XM subscription, navigation and USB
  • Bluetooth hands-free phone connectivity
  • Power-adjustable and heated seats
  • Memory package, home remote, Head Up Display and power-telescoping steering wheel
  • The Custom Leather Wrapped Interior Package, with leather-wrapped upper instrument panels, upper door trim panels and console storage cover and red contrasting stitching
  • Z07 performance package, including Brembo ceramic brakes, Magnetic Ride Control and 19-inch/20-inch wheels and Michelin tires
  • CFZ package includes carbon fiber rockers, front splitter and roof
  • New Carbon Fiber raised hood option for Z06, which was introduced on the 2011 Z06 Carbon Edition.

ACDelco® dexosTM1 Synthetic Blend Oil. New technology to take you farther

ACDelco® dexos
New technology to take you farther
dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30 motor oil—developed by General Motors and sold under the ACDelco brand—is the new global engine oil specification designed specifically to meet the requirements of GM vehicles.

The benefits:
• Improved fuel efficiency
• Enhanced engine cleanliness
• Corrosion protection
• Sludge control
• Wear protection
• Aeration control

Frequently Asked Dealer Questions
What substitute engine oil should be used if dexos1 is unavailable?
In the event that dexos1-approved engine oil is not available at an oil change or for maintaining proper oil level,
you may use substitute engine oil displaying the API Starburst symbol and of SAE 5W-30 viscosity grade. Use of oils
that do not meet the dexos1 specification, however, may result in reduced performance under certain

How does ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30 compare to the new GF-5 motor oils(s)?
• Compared to GF-5, the dexos1 Weighted Piston Deposit (WPD) merits limit has been increased from 4.0 to 4.5
(reduces the amount of deposits on the pistons).
• This translates to “cleaner pistons” and better engine performance.
• How? Deposits can form behind and around piston rings, causing the rings to stick and be “sluggish.” Full
compression does not occur, resulting in increased emissions, decreased fuel economy and decreased engine
performance overall.

Is dexos1 a new brand of oil GM is using for 2011?
• No, dexos1 is the trademark name for the GM Global Engine Oil Specification.
ACDelco is GM’s dexos1-approved product, but GM will license the dexos1 oil specification to various motor oil
companies around the world.
ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30 motor oil is currently available from your local GM oil distributor.
Will Cadillacs still use Mobil 1 as a factory-fill oil?
• No, ACDelco dexos1 5W-30 will be used as factory fill, and meets the standards for Cadillac engines.
• However, Mobil 1 Full Synthetic 5W-30 is dexos1-approved and will remain on the GM Oil Program as the dexos1
Full Synthetic offering on our program for those consumers who want to purchase it.
What dexos1 products will be available?
ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30 is available now. Please reference bulletins CCA10-162 and
• It will be available initially in drums and bulk (drum pump-off), followed by quart bottles in December.
• Mobil 1 Full Synthetic 5W-30 is dexos1-approved and remains as the “Best” option in our Good Better Best
comprehensive offer .

Advantages of ACDelco dexos1
• One global engine oil specification enables General Motors to bring higher-performing engines to market.
ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30 oil provides improved levels of engine cleanliness, corrosion protection,
sludge control, wear protection, aeration control and fuel efficiency versus GF-4. The result is improved engine life
and performance.
ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30:
- Offers improved oil performance and protection to help improve engine durability
- Exhibits improved oxidation and wear performance
- Increases piston cleanliness to deliver improved engine performance
- Reduces oil consumption due to evaporative loss
- Provides greater viscosity control to help deliver improved fuel efficiency
Helping to conserve resources
• At General Motors, we are doing our part to protect the environment and conserve precious resources.
The ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30 engine oil specification provides a balance of:
- Improved viscometric properties, which create less friction in the engine and contribute to improved fuel
- Improved emissions through low volatility base stock oils
- Improved oxidation and deposit-forming tendencies, allowing your emission systems to operate longer and more
• The Engine Oil Life System (OLS) in GM vehicles indicates when an oil change is needed. These “optimal drain
intervals” are precisely tailored to the customer’s driving habits and conditions. Oils meeting the dexos1
specifications are some of the most robust oils available and resist degradation.
Service implications
• The ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30 specification makes it easier for customers to choose their vehicle’s
required engine oil by providing a single specification that they can look for and rely upon. Customers should look in
their vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for the proper viscosity grade.
• The dexos1 specification is backward-compatible to older vehicles and is a suitable oil for pre-2011 GM vehicles
with gasoline engines (excluding Duramax diesel vehicles, which should use CJ-4 oils).
• Oil specified for 2010 and prior model year vehicles is still available as part of ACDelco’s comprehensive Good
Better Best oil offering.
• Because of the composition, ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30 is priced slightly higher than
conventional oil; however, the incremental price is small when trading off the improved engine life and
vehicle performance.
• This pricing is comparable to other synthetic blends and full synthetics in the marketplace.
Selling ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30
• This new specification has a terrific quality story. Ensure you take a few moments to explain why a dexos1 oil
change is the right choice for your customers by:
- Reviewing the dexos1 benefits
- Highlighting the durability and engine performance benefits
- Explaining the difference in the Synthetic Blend and the consumer benefits vs. other non-dexos1 products,
like competitive cost, efficiency, wear protection, etc.
- Letting your customers know that dexos1 is acceptable and recommended for 2010 MY and older gasoline
engine vehicles .

How do we know if a vehicle needs dexos1?
The oil fill cap of the vehicle will indicate that the vehicle is filled with dexos1, each vehicle’s Owner’s Manual
outlines engine oil recommendations and you can also advise your customers on the proper oil for their engines.
What happens if you don’t use dexos1 in a vehicle?
GM recommends that customers who purchase 2011 MY gasoline vehicles use oil that is licensed to the new
specifications outlined in their Owner’s Manual. GM’s warranty does not change with the introduction of dexos1.
Using oil that does not meet GM specifications can compromise engine performance and may result in GM
denial of a warranty claim.
What does the GM Owner’s Manual say about dexos1?
• GM Owner’s Manuals for 2011 MY gasoline-engine vehicles state: Use only engine oil that is approved to the
dexos1 specification or an equivalent engine oil of the appropriate viscosity grade. Engine oils approved to the
dexos1 specification will show the dexos1 symbol on the container. Failure to use the recommended engine oil or
equivalent can result in engine damage not covered by the vehicle warranty. If you are unsure whether your oil
is approved to the dexos1 specification, ask your service provider.
• Corvette recommends Mobil 1 Full Synthetic 5W-30 oil that meets the requirements of the dexos1 specification.
Can dexos1 be used on 2010 and prior GM vehicles?
• Yes, dexos1 is backward-compatible and suitable for use in pre-2011 gasoline vehicles and should be offered
to all customers who want to move up to the improved performance level dexos1 offers. All GM Duramax diesel
vehicles should use CJ-4 oils. Follow the Owner’s Manual for engine oil recommendation.

Mobil 1 applications (V-Series Cadillacs and Corvettes), although Mobil 1 Full Synthetic
5W-30 is a dexos1-approved full synthetic and continues to be offered on the GM Oil Program for those consumers
seeking the enhanced performance levels offered by a dexos1-approved Full Synthetic.

Will Cadillacs use Mobil 1 for the Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance Service?
 No, 2011 MY vehicles and forward will use ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30.
 ACDelco dexos1 5W-30 was specifically designed for GM vehicles and meets the standard for Cadillac engines.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Memories of American Heroes Live On

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 an armistice between Germany and the Allied nations came into effect. On November 11, 1919, Armistice Day was commemorated for the first time. In 1919, President Wilson proclaimed the day should be "filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory".

Veterans Day is intended to honor and thank all military personnel who served the United States in all wars, particularly living veterans. It is marked by parades and church services and in many places the American flag is hung at half mast. A period of silence lasting two minutes may be held at 11am.
Throughout both internal conflicts and world wars, America’s veterans have dedicated their lives to protecting those at home. Remember their service and bravery at one of the monuments or memorials in the region.

New York offers several inspiring memorials where visitors are welcome year-round, so take some time to honor America’s heroes on this day November 11, 2011.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


You may be aware of incidents of fraud in the auto industry. Recently, the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center issued an alert about an increase in online scams that target consumers looking to buy vehicles online. In most instances of fraud, a consumer views a listing for a vehicle and contacts the seller through an email address in the ad. The seller responds via email telling the consumer that they need to sell the car quickly because they are in the military and about to be deployed, are moving, etc. Next, the seller asks the buyer to conduct the transaction through another website for security reasons, but reassures the buyer that they are protected through a major internet company (e.g. ebay). They are then instructed to wire funds to an account. Sometimes these criminals pose as employees and conduct a live chat to answer questions.

Unfortunately, the listing the consumer sees is either taken from another website or completely falsified, and the protection plan on the consumer's money transfer is phony. Once a consumer realizes what has happened it's too late.
Here are a few steps you can take:
  1. Forward any suspicious spam to support@cars.com
  2. If you feel you may have been victimized by a phishing scam, contact your local police immediately and further report the scam to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at www.ic3.gov 
Read full story ...   

Monday, October 17, 2011

Know Your Motor Oil: GM’s New dexos

If you drive a 2011 General Motors vehicle (and if you buy a GM vehicle in coming years), there is or will be a new motor oil in your car or truck. 

In October of this year, General Motors began licensing motor oil that meets a new proprietary (i.e. GM-only) specification, trademarking that specification/license as “dexos” (the lowercase is, oddly enough, correct).

So what does that mean for you, the driver? “First of all, dexos is a motor oil specification, not a recipe,” noted Eric Johnson, senior project engineer with GM Powertrain-North America’s Fuels & Lubricants division. “It’s the first common engine oil specification General Motors has ever developed that will encompass all our companies in all our markets.”

While the specification might not be a recipe, it is stringent enough that virtually all motor oil blenders have responded by creating dexos-spec products that are made of synthetic motor oil. That’s right. When it comes time to change your oil, you’ll need to use a synthetic motor oil.

That means, for starters, that your oil changes will likely be more expensive than in the past. But it also means you’ll be getting the ultimate in protection, a motor oil that can last the duration of the extended oil change intervals recommended by your Engine Oil Life System (EOLS), the little reminder in your car that tells you when it’s time to change the oil.

The dexos specification was first conceived in 2006 and developed in 2007. Motor oil blenders were apprised of the specifics in 2008 and 2009, and informed that in order to meet factory warranty requirements, products meeting the dexos spec would need to be licensed by GM beginning this year. (There are actually two dexos specifications: dexos-1 for gasoline engines and dexos-2 for diesel engines. For 2011 vehicles, only dexos-1 is being installed at the factory.)

According to Johnson, GM had several goals in developing the specification. In addition to creating a common specification that would work across all brands in all markets, GM also wanted a product with improved fuel economy and fuel economy retention when compared with existing products. The dexos spec was also designed so the motor oil can function as a hydraulic fluid, an increasingly common design element in GM engines that use variable valve timing. And, the company hopes to further “optimize” drain intervals by increasing motor oil robustness through the dexos spec.

“When used with the EOLS, we will be able to increase drain intervals and reduce the amount of oil used during the lifetime of a vehicle,” Johnson said. “The EOLS will take into account the better quality of dexos products.”

So, the long and short of it is your new GM vehicle will, for warranty purposes, require a new, high-tech synthetic motor oil that will protect your new baby better than ever before. Plus, you’ll likely be able to drive it even further between routine oil changes if you follow the EOLS. True, you might have to pay a little more for your oil change, but in the long run that sounds like a fair trade to us.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Each year it is estimated that nearly 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 40,000 will die. Approximately 1,700 men will also be diagnosed with breast cancer and 450 will die each year. The evaluation of men with breast masses is similar to that in women, including mammography.

Women in the United States get breast cancer more than any other type of cancer except for skin cancer. It is second only to lung cancer as a cause of cancer death in women.

Obviously no woman wants to receive this diagnosis, but hearing the words "breast cancer" doesn't always mean an end. It can be the beginning of learning how to fight, getting the facts and finding hope.

Join us in helping us save lives elect to waiver some or all of your eligible rebates for service performed in October and Audia Chevrolet will contribute the money to American Cancer society in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness.  Help us change a women's life today.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Welcome to the Audia Chevrolet Blog

Audia Motor Sales is your premier source for Chevrolet cars and trucks in Millbrook, the Hudson Valley and Poughkeepsie. Conveniently located in Millbrook, we have served as a Dutchess County Chevrolet dealer for 54 years since 1949 and pride ourselves on our top-rated customer service. We have a combined experience of over 200 years!