Thursday, November 29, 2012

Auto News - 2014 Corvette Revealed January 13th

First Drive of Seventh Generation Corvette Prototype

Camouflaged 2014 Corvette offered as free download in Gran Turismo®5 

Detroit - Chevrolet and Polyphony Digital Inc., the developers of the award-winning Gran Turismo® franchise, collaborated to provide an authentic driving experience in a seventh-generation Corvette prototype currently available to only a handful of people in the world.
During the creation of the virtual Corvette prototype, careful attention was paid to the tiniest details from the creases and wrinkles in the soft camouflage used to disguise the new design to specific driving characteristics that are currently being tuned and refined ahead of the vehicle’s official debut in January.

“Until now, only the most skilled drivers on the Corvette team have been authorized to push the test prototypes to the limits on some of the most challenging track surfaces in the world,” said Chris Perry, vice president of Chevrolet Global Marketing. “Through this unique collaboration with Gran Turismo, Chevrolet is able, for the first time, to give performance car enthusiasts access to such an exclusive driving experience.”

All six previous generations of the Corvette have been available to players of the Gran Turismo series since the game’s inception and the Chevrolet nameplate remains one of the most popular vehicles to race. The camouflaged Corvette C7 Test Prototype is immediately available for download through the PlayStation® Store from the PlayStation®3 at no additional cost. It can be driven on some of the world’s renowned race tracks, including Daytona International Speedway and the infamous Nurburgring – one of the track surfaces used in testing to evaluate the new Corvette’s driving dynamics.

“Gran Turismo has had many firsts and we’re excited to partner with Chevrolet for yet another – bringing the first-ever Chevrolet prototype vehicle into a racing game,” said Kazunori Yamauchi, president of Polyphony
Digital, Inc. “As car enthusiasts, we’re thrilled to give fans this extraordinary level of access to the seventh generation Corvette that otherwise would not be possible.”

The Gran Turismo series has sold more than 67 million games since its inception and remains the highest-selling PlayStation-exclusive franchise of all time.

Chevrolet will introduce the 2014 Corvette on Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013. For more information and video content, please visit Enthusiasts can join the conversation about the next-generation Corvette and keep track of new announcements on Facebook ( and Twitter@Chevrolet(#Corvette). Fans that follow the
#one13thirteen hashtag on Twitter can look forward to exclusive updates. 

 Fans Get Excited

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hudson Valley, New York Chevrolet Dealership Rebuilds After 65 Years

Audia Motors (Chevrolet) Restores Life Back into
Millbrook, New York


Millbrook, New York (Hudson Valley) November 19, 2012 - After 65 years Robert and Peter Audia have completed the renovation of Audia Motor’s (Chevrolet) dealership, thus bringing life back to the Millbrook community.   With the new dealership and expansion of Audia Motors (Chevrolet), growth and job opportunities abound.   As many business’ have come and gone in Millbrook, NY, Audia Motors stays strong throughout the 65 years of many economic challenges, but both Robert and Peter continue to stay focus on what is important and continue to build the family business and keep a bit of history in Millbrook.

Audia Motors (Chevrolet) is focused on providing support to its community and prides itself on  its top-rated customer service in The Hudson Valley, having been voted the #1 customer satisfaction dealer by their customers.  Their philosophy is a no-hassle buying experience and customers can enjoy up front pricing with helpful consultants, who are ready to answer your questions on any vehicle that you are interested in purchasing.  They carry a full line of commercial trucks and pre-owned vehicles and as a Chevrolet dealer, they continue to grow with General Motors who will continue to become more innovative in its vehicles as they employ alternative energy sources.  This year, Chevrolet cars, trucks and SUVs carry the "ecologic" label and Chevrolet recognizes that environmental responsibility is a long-term commitment and, General Motors continuously works to build a sustainable strategy for communities and neighbors in the Hudson Valley and worldwide. 

Sixty-five years of tradition and hard work continue today as Audia Motors (Chevrolet) is now the oldest Chevrolet dealer in the Hudson valley, built from the ground up, literally, to continue with GM to provide its customers with the best service, best design and best built automobiles in the world today.

Audia Motors (Chevrolet) is your premier Chevrolet dealership in the Hudson Valley Region.  They are conveniently located at 3692 Route 44 in Millbrook, New York and serve the Duchess County community.  Audia Motors can be reached online at or 845-677-3406.    

Hudson Valley - Chevy's Giving More Event

This holiday season starts with something big from
We're giving more savings, more cash back and more great deals on the cars that offer more.
Like the Silverado which is the most dependable, longest lasting full size pickups on the road.
Or the Sonic with the most available horsepower and torque in its class.
Whichever vehicle you choose, you're getting more with Chevy. 
So stop into Audia Chevrolet, tour the new facility during Chevy's Year End Sales Event to get a great deal like 0% APR financing for 60 months for qualified buyers plus cash back on a brand new Silverado.   Plus for every sold Audia Chevrolet will donate $100  to the American Red Cross for those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hudson Valley Region Winter Car Care Tips

Keeping everything in tune can mean the difference between a safe, smooth ride and a trip to the repair shop.

* Check Your Antifreeze/Coolant
Antifreeze helps control the temperature of a vehicle’s engine. Since it remains liquid and does not freeze in cold temperatures, antifreeze also helps protect the engine during extreme cold starts. Servicing your vehicle’s cooling system according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations can help you avoid costly repairs down the line. Check your owners’ manual for how often it should be replaced.
* Watch the Wiper Blades
The normal life expectancy for most windshield wiper blades is six to 12 months. Check and clean the windshield wiper blades or replace them if necessary. Checking and replacing them as needed can improve visibility to help avoid a very dangerous situation on the road -- particularly in snowy and stormy conditions.

* Make Sure the Battery is Strong
A weak battery is less reliable and can take longer to start your car on cold mornings. In fact, a weak battery could lose about one third of its power or more in colder conditions (e.g. below 32 degrees Fahrenheit). Make sure that connections are tight and free of corrosion and have your battery tested to ensure it has ample power to withstand the cold. Start the car with the heater, lights and window defrosters turned off to minimize battery strain.

* In Case of Emergency
Maintain a vehicle emergency kit including a first aid kit, jumper cables, flashlight, bottled water, extra blankets, gloves and hat, granola/energy bars, duct tape, and a can of Fix-a-Flat. You never know when you will need these essentials.

* Clean the Engine Air Filter
The engine air filter is a vehicle’s lung. A clean air filter helps the engine combust an optimal air-to-fuel mixture, making it run more smoothly and efficiently. When your air filter is clogged, your engine has to work harder and therefore is not operating at peak performance. Check your vehicle owner’s manual to find out when it needs to be replaced.

* Pay Attention to Oil Grade
Motor oil lubricates the engine, keeping it cool and reducing the friction between moving parts. As motor oil circulates, it also cleans away harmful dirt and contaminants. In general, you should use the lightest grade of oil your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends for the conditions you drive in. During the winter, this may mean an even lighter grade than usual. Most vehicle owner’s manual specifies the correct grade of motor oil for your vehicle during certain driving conditions and seasons.

* Keep an Eye on Tire Pressure
Under-inflated tires create extra friction where the rubber meets the road. Improperly inflated tires also wear unevenly, which can impact your vehicle’s traction on the road and possibly lead to a dangerous blowout. Check your tire pressure regularly and make sure all of them are filled to the correct level -- and remember your spare tire, which can lose pressure in the cold.

Proper tire pressure is vehicle-specific. Tire pressure information for a vehicle is found on a decal typically in the vehicle’s door jamb or in the vehicle owner’s manual. Do not follow the pressure listed on the sidewall of the tire, as this number is specific to the tire, not the vehicle.