Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Driving Tips for the Road

Summer has officially begun and is the busiest time of the year as people take to the roadways for vacation and enjoyment.

Summer heat and unexpected breakdowns are hard on everyone.  High summer temperatures also take their toll on your engine so we recommend to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual and speak with your auto service professional about maintaining your vehicle during the summer months.

Here’s a quick list of service items to review to have your vehicle running in tip top shape this summer.
  • Have your air conditioning tested and inspected, along with belts and hoses
  • Make sure your radiator and cooling system is thoroughly inspected
  • Have your battery tested. It’s a lot easier to replace a battery than replacing a dead one on the side of the road
  • Have brakes inspected, along with steering components
  • Change the engine oil and filter according to the service schedule and check all fluid levels.
  • Replace wiper blades once a year
  • Have all your tires inspected and tire pressure including spare.
  • Check all exterior lights
  • Change the air filter. A dirty filter lowers gas mileage and reduces engine performance
  • And last, buckle up and don’t leave home without your cell phone and your disabled parking permit 
Before you head out onto the road, stop into Audia Chevrolet for a complete inspection. Schedule your appointment online at Audiachevrolet.com or give us a call 866-643-7478