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ACDelco® dexosTM1 Synthetic Blend Oil. New technology to take you farther

ACDelco® dexos
New technology to take you farther
dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30 motor oil—developed by General Motors and sold under the ACDelco brand—is the new global engine oil specification designed specifically to meet the requirements of GM vehicles.

The benefits:
• Improved fuel efficiency
• Enhanced engine cleanliness
• Corrosion protection
• Sludge control
• Wear protection
• Aeration control

Frequently Asked Dealer Questions
What substitute engine oil should be used if dexos1 is unavailable?
In the event that dexos1-approved engine oil is not available at an oil change or for maintaining proper oil level,
you may use substitute engine oil displaying the API Starburst symbol and of SAE 5W-30 viscosity grade. Use of oils
that do not meet the dexos1 specification, however, may result in reduced performance under certain

How does ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30 compare to the new GF-5 motor oils(s)?
• Compared to GF-5, the dexos1 Weighted Piston Deposit (WPD) merits limit has been increased from 4.0 to 4.5
(reduces the amount of deposits on the pistons).
• This translates to “cleaner pistons” and better engine performance.
• How? Deposits can form behind and around piston rings, causing the rings to stick and be “sluggish.” Full
compression does not occur, resulting in increased emissions, decreased fuel economy and decreased engine
performance overall.

Is dexos1 a new brand of oil GM is using for 2011?
• No, dexos1 is the trademark name for the GM Global Engine Oil Specification.
ACDelco is GM’s dexos1-approved product, but GM will license the dexos1 oil specification to various motor oil
companies around the world.
ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30 motor oil is currently available from your local GM oil distributor.
Will Cadillacs still use Mobil 1 as a factory-fill oil?
• No, ACDelco dexos1 5W-30 will be used as factory fill, and meets the standards for Cadillac engines.
• However, Mobil 1 Full Synthetic 5W-30 is dexos1-approved and will remain on the GM Oil Program as the dexos1
Full Synthetic offering on our program for those consumers who want to purchase it.
What dexos1 products will be available?
ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30 is available now. Please reference bulletins CCA10-162 and
• It will be available initially in drums and bulk (drum pump-off), followed by quart bottles in December.
• Mobil 1 Full Synthetic 5W-30 is dexos1-approved and remains as the “Best” option in our Good Better Best
comprehensive offer .

Advantages of ACDelco dexos1
• One global engine oil specification enables General Motors to bring higher-performing engines to market.
ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30 oil provides improved levels of engine cleanliness, corrosion protection,
sludge control, wear protection, aeration control and fuel efficiency versus GF-4. The result is improved engine life
and performance.
ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30:
- Offers improved oil performance and protection to help improve engine durability
- Exhibits improved oxidation and wear performance
- Increases piston cleanliness to deliver improved engine performance
- Reduces oil consumption due to evaporative loss
- Provides greater viscosity control to help deliver improved fuel efficiency
Helping to conserve resources
• At General Motors, we are doing our part to protect the environment and conserve precious resources.
The ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30 engine oil specification provides a balance of:
- Improved viscometric properties, which create less friction in the engine and contribute to improved fuel
- Improved emissions through low volatility base stock oils
- Improved oxidation and deposit-forming tendencies, allowing your emission systems to operate longer and more
• The Engine Oil Life System (OLS) in GM vehicles indicates when an oil change is needed. These “optimal drain
intervals” are precisely tailored to the customer’s driving habits and conditions. Oils meeting the dexos1
specifications are some of the most robust oils available and resist degradation.
Service implications
• The ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30 specification makes it easier for customers to choose their vehicle’s
required engine oil by providing a single specification that they can look for and rely upon. Customers should look in
their vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for the proper viscosity grade.
• The dexos1 specification is backward-compatible to older vehicles and is a suitable oil for pre-2011 GM vehicles
with gasoline engines (excluding Duramax diesel vehicles, which should use CJ-4 oils).
• Oil specified for 2010 and prior model year vehicles is still available as part of ACDelco’s comprehensive Good
Better Best oil offering.
• Because of the composition, ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30 is priced slightly higher than
conventional oil; however, the incremental price is small when trading off the improved engine life and
vehicle performance.
• This pricing is comparable to other synthetic blends and full synthetics in the marketplace.
Selling ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30
• This new specification has a terrific quality story. Ensure you take a few moments to explain why a dexos1 oil
change is the right choice for your customers by:
- Reviewing the dexos1 benefits
- Highlighting the durability and engine performance benefits
- Explaining the difference in the Synthetic Blend and the consumer benefits vs. other non-dexos1 products,
like competitive cost, efficiency, wear protection, etc.
- Letting your customers know that dexos1 is acceptable and recommended for 2010 MY and older gasoline
engine vehicles .

How do we know if a vehicle needs dexos1?
The oil fill cap of the vehicle will indicate that the vehicle is filled with dexos1, each vehicle’s Owner’s Manual
outlines engine oil recommendations and you can also advise your customers on the proper oil for their engines.
What happens if you don’t use dexos1 in a vehicle?
GM recommends that customers who purchase 2011 MY gasoline vehicles use oil that is licensed to the new
specifications outlined in their Owner’s Manual. GM’s warranty does not change with the introduction of dexos1.
Using oil that does not meet GM specifications can compromise engine performance and may result in GM
denial of a warranty claim.
What does the GM Owner’s Manual say about dexos1?
• GM Owner’s Manuals for 2011 MY gasoline-engine vehicles state: Use only engine oil that is approved to the
dexos1 specification or an equivalent engine oil of the appropriate viscosity grade. Engine oils approved to the
dexos1 specification will show the dexos1 symbol on the container. Failure to use the recommended engine oil or
equivalent can result in engine damage not covered by the vehicle warranty. If you are unsure whether your oil
is approved to the dexos1 specification, ask your service provider.
• Corvette recommends Mobil 1 Full Synthetic 5W-30 oil that meets the requirements of the dexos1 specification.
Can dexos1 be used on 2010 and prior GM vehicles?
• Yes, dexos1 is backward-compatible and suitable for use in pre-2011 gasoline vehicles and should be offered
to all customers who want to move up to the improved performance level dexos1 offers. All GM Duramax diesel
vehicles should use CJ-4 oils. Follow the Owner’s Manual for engine oil recommendation.

Mobil 1 applications (V-Series Cadillacs and Corvettes), although Mobil 1 Full Synthetic
5W-30 is a dexos1-approved full synthetic and continues to be offered on the GM Oil Program for those consumers
seeking the enhanced performance levels offered by a dexos1-approved Full Synthetic.

Will Cadillacs use Mobil 1 for the Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance Service?
 No, 2011 MY vehicles and forward will use ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend 5W-30.
 ACDelco dexos1 5W-30 was specifically designed for GM vehicles and meets the standard for Cadillac engines.

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