Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Long Haul - Caring For Your Vehicle


In these times we are all looking for ways to keep our cost down especially when it comes to our vehicles.  Periodic maintenance is key to prolonging the life of one’s vehicle and if properly maintained you can ride your vehicle well into the “golden years”

Follow these rules and you can keep your vehicle running in proper condition especially thru the harsh winter months.

Don't Neglect Service
You didn’t get a 100,000 miles by putting off those service visits, so don’t start now! Higher mileage   
vehicles need service more then ever.  Keep up with those oil changes as recommended in your manual,
every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.  Some vehicles can go longer.  Keep an eye other parts as well, particularly
brakes and tires.

Tend to Your Tires
Keeping your tires rotated, inflated and properly maintained is essential to the life of your car, whatever the mileage, and as your vehicle ages the way your tires wear may change too.  If your tires start to wear unevenly or if you feel the car shake, shimmy or pull to one side while you drive you probably have some balance or alignment issues to look into.   Properly inflated tires equals good fuel mileage and that means less work for an aging engine, too.  See that they’re inflated to the specs on the inside of the driver’s side door, and remember to prolong the life of your tires by rotating and balancing every other oil change.

It’s All In the Timing
If your car has a timing belt, you’ll want to replace it at the recommended time (60,000 miles for many models—check your owners manual to be certain).  An aging belt can cause engine problems and a damaged one can leave you marooned—or worse, cause serious damage to your engine.

Lookin'' Sharp!                 
Finally, don’t neglect the looks of your car.  You’ll want to make sure you give the outside of your car as much TLC as you give to the moving parts under the surface.  Of course, this is about more than just looking good—washing and waxing don’t just preserve your shining finish, they help keep rust at bay and that is good for everything under the surface. Too

Follow these tips and talking with your service technician, you and  your car could have a brilliant future together.

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