Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tis the Season for Holiday Parties... Not Drinking and Driving

It’s that time of the year and everyone’s celebrating the holidays! Many of us either host or attend a holiday party during this month.  So, whether you’re attending a work event or a family party – eating and drinking alcoholic beverages, it’s important to remember to have a plan prior to arriving.  Assign a designated driver, have the number to a local cab company or know your public transportation route.  Avoid driving if under the influence of alcohol. You’re not only putting yourself in danger, but other passengers and motorists as well.
A Few Myths About Drinking and Driving
Think you know everything there is to know about drinking and driving - think again!
1.  Coffee or a cold shower will sober you up. False: Only time can sober you up.
2.  If you avoid liquor and stay with beer and wine you will be fine. False: A 12 oz. beer and  
      a 5 oz glass of  wine have as much alcohol as a 1.5 oz glass of whisky.
3.   As long as you roll down the windows and turn up the radio, you will be okay to drive
      home. False: Neither of these will help enhance your alertness, motor skills or judgment.
4.       By driving slow, you will avoid getting into an accident. False: Driving too slow could
      potentially cause an accident and besides, driving under the influence is never a good idea
      at any speed.

The Consequences of Drinking and driving are very serious. 
You can potentially harm innocent people including yourself.  So, follow some simple rules if you’re attending a holiday party this season.   

·                       Ask friends to designate a driver before the party begins.
·                       Collect everyone's coats and keys as they arrive.
·                       Encourage lively conversations and group activities that focus on fun and not alcohol.
·                       Make food and non-alcoholic drinks easily available.
·                       Provide plenty of food so the focus is not solely on alcohol. Never serve alcohol to   
              anyone under the age of 21.
·                       If someone has had too much to drink, offer to have them spend the night or call a cab –
              don't let them drive home drunk.

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