Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How Winter Tires Stop the Slide

The cold temperatures are upon us; which can mean snow and ice.   You can easily go about your business on a cold winter day worry-free, stress-free and hassle-free if you have the right equipment for your car. 
The ticket to safe travel is ensuring that you have the proper tires on your car.  Winter tires are specifically designed to cope with low temps and snow- or ice-covered pavement.  These tires combine flexible rubber compounds with small tread blocks and hundreds of small cuts (called “sipes”) in the tread itself, which causes the tire to constantly flex and bite at the road, giving you better traction and keeping you safe while driving across frozen roads.
Tires don’t just protect you from snow but are designed to operate effectively and provide maximum cornering, acceleration and braking traction in a wide range of weather conditions.  

So, before as you head out on the road ensure that your vehicle has winter tires on them to keep you and your family safe from the slippery roads from the snow and ice.  Stop in or make your appointment today by calling Audia Chevrolet at 845-677-3406 or, online at audiamotors.com and ask about their 30-day Tire Match Guarantee www.audiamotors.com.

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