Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Emergency Kit for Your Vehicle

An emergency can happen at anytime. However, it seems like emergencies happen at the worst times-like in the middle of winter. There are certain items you should have in your car to make sure you're prepared for car-trouble emergencies. You never know when that unexpected dead battery will rear its ugly head or if you'll need a flashlight to change a tire in the iddle of the night. Here are a few things to keep in your vehicle's emergency kit that will help give you peace of mind.

1. Flashlight & Extra Batteries - a flashlight is a must if you have a breakdown in the dark  and need to look under the
    hood or find something in your vehicle it's a handy item to keep in your vehicle  Plus keep a set of extra batteries in your
    kit as well.
2.  Blanket - This is a must-have no matter where you live.  Nights can get chilly in warmer climates too.
3.  Duct Tape - It's been said duct tape can fix anythig.
4.  First Aid Kit - You never know what might happen when you're on the road.  so, be prepared for anything.
5.  Hand Warmers - Since they're so small, they're easy to throw into an emergency kit or glove box.  They come in handy
     when you're trying to change a tire.
6.  Battery Cables - We've all been there-- hearing that click when you turn your key and the batter is ded.  Keep battery
     cables in your trunk for just that reason.
7.  Windshield Scraper - If you live in an area that sees frost and snow during the winter, be sure you're prepared for it.
8.  Bottles of Water - For those unexpected times when you're waiting for roadside assistance, or maybe  you have a thirsty
     child in the vehicle it's a good idea to keep a bottle of water in the car.
Plus additional items such as:  chains, a small knife, energy bars, watergloves, small shovel, waterproof matches, a bag of sand kitty litter to help provide traction if your car is stuck in the snow, and never forget your cell phone.  A little preparation goes a long way to keep your car running smoothly during the winter months. Not only will the right tools and maintenance protect you and your car from the elements, but they will also keep you safe.

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