Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Buying Guide | Pre-Owned Vehicles

Today's cars are of higher quality, they last longer and are more reliable.  Leasing continues to increase in the popularity, resulting in a huge inventory of two- or four-year-old cars, trucks, and SUVs.  Many of these cares are in excellent condition with low mileage and some portion of the factory warranty remaining!  

Audia Chevrolet
 The automotive industry as a whole is changing for the better, not surprisingly so are the ways consumers shop for and purchase vehicles.  
  • One emerging method is the manufacturer-certified used-car program at new-car dealers. 
  • Another is used-car superstores. Rental-car companies sell much of their inventory directly to consumers for attractive prices.
Certified Pre-Owned programs provide customers with an extended warranty on the engine and drivetrain that is actually continued protection by the factory and is honored at any of that manufacturer's dealers. 

While surfing the Net, shoppers might paddle over to the eBay wave. Buying a car sight-unseen is counter to everything we've all been taught, but as online shoppers have gained confidence in eBay's process and business practices, they've bought more cars, and more mainstream cars, via the online auction: Last year, eBay moved nearly one million vehicles, most offered for sale by dealers.
eBay puts a one-year limited warranty on cars sold on its site and will buy back any car that's misrepresented. Extended warranties are also available for a fee, and professional inspectors can examine potential purchases for buyers before they commit.

Is a Certified Car Right for Me?
It’s always a good idea to research a brand’s CPO program to make an informed judgment. Most companies make an inventory search available on their website that will allow for quick comparison shopping. The warranty that comes with a CPO car can help allay the fear of purchasing a used / pre-owned vehicle.

The used-car marketplace will continue to evolve toward emulating the experience of buying new. 

Audia's Featured vehicle of the week is the 2012 Silverado 1500 Extended Cab
stk #3849 MSRP $39,215 Save $9,040 ---> Total Price $30,175

Audia Chevrolet
Actual Vehicle not shown here.
Vist Audia Chevrolet's dealership in Millbrook, NY and test drive some of our certified pre-owned vehicles. 

Source: Motor Trend, Car Buyers Guide

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