Friday, July 6, 2012

Audia Chevrolet Runs Deep in the Hudson Valley

Audia Chevrolet runs deep.  After 65 years the Audia family is investing in a new look for their Millbrook dealership.  Audia and Chevrolet continue to use fewer resources to build more cars. 

More miles, fewer gallons  Over the past few years, hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in more fuel-efficient vehicles that ride the road.  

Responsible Stewardship 
Chevrolet is focused on innovative fuel-saving technologies, employing alternative energy sources, reducing emissions and waste at our plants.  This year, Chevrolet cars, trucks and SUV's carry the "ecologic" label.  Chevy recognizes that environmental responsibility is a long term commitment.  We continuously work to build a sustainable strategy for our communities and our neighbors world wide.  

Stay tuned for more news about our dealership and how we are working hard to offer the best built cars and trucks for our community. 

Today, tomorrow and into the better future Audia Chevrolet proudly runs deep in the Hudson Valley.  Schedule your next routine maintenance appointment today. 

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