Friday, November 13, 2015

Vehicle Storage for Winter

Winter can be brutal on any vehicle, whether it’s a brand new car, used car, or vintage hot rod. Freezing temperatures, snow buildup, animal infestation and salt damage can all deteriorate your vehicle.

If you plan on keeping your car in storage through the winter season, it’s best to winterize it before locking it up but most importantly be aware of animal infestation that can cause issues after the winter is over.

A Mysterious Car Fire:   It was springtime and the vehicle owner had taken his 1965 Mustang out of storage. The car seemed to be running funny so the owner parked it next to his house and left it running in hopes that would solve the problem. Suddenly, his neighbor ran over to tell him his car was on fire. By the time the fire department arrived, the Mustang had been destroyed and the house siding had melted from the blaze.

How Can Something So Small Cause Such a Big Problem? No one could figure out what had caused the fire, so I was brought in to investigate the situation. I searched through the remains of the car and when I took the air filter box apart, I found a mouse nest inside. The engine heated up the nest until it burst into flames.

Oftentimes, garages or storage facilities get infested with mice, and cars are the perfect shelter for these little rodents to make nests. They even like to use the insulation and padding in the car as nesting material.

So before you store your vehicle for the winter months ahead always ensure the place where you’re storing your vehicle is pest-free; and be sure to check your engine compartment and air filter box for rodent nests before taking your vehicle out of storage.

Sprinkling mothballs under the car to keep the mice away is not an effective method. Not only will it smell horrible, but it can be poisonous to pets.

If you think you have a problem with mice use  we recommend “Fresh Cab”` It's Safe & Natural: Keep your kids and pets safe, uses bio-based ingredients like natural oils, corn husks, lavender, fir, cedar, lemon and clary sage, it is the only EPA registered botanical rodent repellent for indoor storage areas and Smells good!

This product is available at: Audia Chevrolet; Sales Parts department.  Contact us 845-677-3136 or email:

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