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Chevy Volt Winter Driving Tips

Cold Weather Tips

        Getting The Most From Your Chevy Volt in Cold Weather

Chevy Volt Winter Driving Tips
Winter weather and road conditions in Milbrook, New York present a widespread set of challenges to drivers. Chevy Volt owners, however, have a few additional things to keep in mind during the frigid winter months. Although cold weather and rough terrain will impact the Volt’s electric driving range, there are a few Chevy Volt winter driving tips that help ensure Volt owners continue getting the most from each electric mile.

Warm Up Before Driving 
No one wants to get into a cold car, but Chevy Volt owners have even more reasons to warm up the cabin before driving. Take advantage of power from the grid by heating the cabin while the Volt is charging. Using the key fob,, or the RemoteLink app, Volt owners remotely can start the car and get the cabin toasty warm before entering. Once you’re ready to drive, the Volt won’t have to use as much energy to heat that cabin, as it already warmed up using power from the grid. For best results, use a 240-volt charger.

Keep the Heat from the Seat
Running the heat at its capacity will cause the electric range to decline. Chevy engineers say it takes less to heat the seats than it does the cabin. Therefore, by simply setting the climate setting to Eco rather than Comfort and using the available heated seats to keep drivers and passengers warm, Volt owners can stay comfortable and use more of their charge for driving.

Turn up the Tire Pressure
Check the label inside the door of the Chevy Volt to find the recommended tire pressure and ensure it doesn’t drop far below that mark. Properly inflated tires can help increase electric driving range and conserve fuel while operating on the Volt’s gas-powered engine.

Engine-Assisted Heating
To help keep the cabin warm, drivers can select the outside temperature at which the gas-powered generator will run to help heat the car while operating in Electric Mode. When the temperature is around 35 degrees, engine-assisted heating will maximize electric driving range while sipping fuel to help warm the cabin. Engine-assisted heating is only available in 2013 and 2014 Chevy Volt.

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