Friday, October 18, 2013

Autumn Safety Driving Tips

Sunny days and crisp nights, colorful falling leaves and the last chance to hit the road before winter's ice and snow make autumn thperfect time for a road trip. But amongst all that beauty are some hazards you should know about. Don't let one of them ruin your scenic autumn drive. 

The Dangers of Falling leaves 

As we head into the fall, leaves will begin to accumulate on the roadways, which can cause slippery and hazardous driving conditions. As the temperature falls, wet leaves can turn the roadways as dangerous as ice or snow covered. Also, leaves can cover and hide road markings, making it difficult to navigate.
If you hit a patch of wet leaves, you can lose traction. Braking and steering may be difficult. Be aware of this hazard, slow down while braking and steering carefully.    

Keep leaves from accumulating around the wiper area and under the hood. These leaves will find their way into your heater vent system and may damage the heater motor or will eventually decompose. 

Adverse Weather
Fall is a time of adverse weather. Sunny days can give way to frosty nights, and sudden showers may leave roads slick. Make sure your wiper blades, tires and brakes are all in good working order. If you find frost on your windshield in the morning, take the time to clean it off so you have full visibility.

Autumn is a time of greater activity in the animal world.  It's mating season for deer, elk, moose and other large mammals. Bears are getting ready to hibernate and while foraging may be distracted. Slow down and be extra alert if you live in an area where these animals roam. Get in the habit of scanning the road ahead. If you see movement or an animal on the side of the road, decrease your speed. Warn motorists ahead of you of a possible hazard by flashing your lights three times.   Check with your insurance company for animal damage for your website.  Most animal damage is covered under comprehensive, check with your carrier to ensure coverage is up to date.

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