Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Driving and Staying Safe

As winter storms continue to hit the Hudson Valley Region; it's important to review some tips on driving in such conditions.

1.  Ensure your washer fluid is filled.
2.  Make sure the defroster is working properly.
3.  When driving, turn slowly and avoid unnecessary lane changing in precipitation or on slick roads.
4.  If the car starts to slide, turn the car into the direction of the slide and take your foot off the brake. 
     If you are driving slowly, this measure will help you stop sliding and regain control of the car.
5. Watch for pedestrians.  This becomes very important because they may choose to walk or stand
     in the street if the sidewalk is covered with snow or ice.
6.  Slow down and please ensure everyone is wearing their seat belt.
7.  If you live in the snow belt, consider applying chains or snow tires.  They help you gain and
     maintain traction.
8,  Pack your car with a blanket, shovel, flares, small bag of sand or kitty litter, batteries and 
9.  Packing food and water in your car is also a great idea if you're travelling long distances.  

These tips and more can be found on our blog along with our Service Specials 

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