Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lustgarten Foundation To Host The Dutchess County Cure Pancreatic Cancer Golf Outing


In conjunction with the Lustgarten Foundation, pancreatic cancer survivor Bob Huzar is hosting the Dutchess County Cure Pancreatic Cancer Golf Outing.  The event is scheduled for Monday June 25, 2012 at the McCann Golf Course in Poughkeepsie, NY. All proceeds go to benefit the important research and treatments developed of the Lustgarten Foundation.

The odds of surviving pancreatic cancer is just 6%, it is the most lethal cancer. For now the only treatment for this disease is surgery. There is no test to identify this deadly disease.  Early detection saves lives! Once diagnosed with this cancer, the chances for survival are remote. 

The Lustgarten Foundation is working on identifying a gene which could identify certain markers by a simple blood test, thus leading to any early detection.

The Dutchess County cure pancreatic cancer charity golf outings purpose is to raise resources and awareness about pancreatic cancer, the fourth-leading cause of cancer death in the United States.  

Dutchess County Cancer Golf Outing1 Lustgarten Foundation To Host The Dutchess County Cure Pancreatic Cancer Golf Outing
Register at www.dutchessgolf.org

McCann Memorial Golf Course
55 Wilbur Blvd., Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
Start Time: 8:00am arrival and check in.
Fee: $150.00 (green fees, cart, lunch and dinner from Christo’s)

Bob Huzar is a pancreatic cancer survivor.  After coming home from a vacation in Mexico, Bob started experiencing abdominal pains and loss of appetite.  He thought it would go away, but after 6 weeks Bob finally went to see his doctor.  A mass was found on his pancreas, after further testing and several surgeries Bob’s cancer was caught at an early stage.  Hudson Valley native Bob Huzar is hosting this charity golf outing to raise awareness and desperately needed funds to help find a cure. 

Please join Bob by supporting the Lustgarten Foundation, with your support, we will find a cure.

To register for the golf outing, or if you have any questions contact:
Robert & Diane Huzar
250 Route 82, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533
(Bob) 845-519-9622 razoo59@aol.com
(Diane) 845-519-9623 diane25dc@aol.com

About the Lustgarten Foundation
The Lustgarten Foundation’s mission is to advance the scientific and medical research related to the diagnosis, treatment, cure and prevention of pancreatic cancer.  Cablevision began supporting this fight in 1998 helping establish the foundation after executive Marc Lustgarten passed away from this deadly disease.   Cablevision underwrites the administrative costs to ensure 100% of all donations go directly to the cure.
For details contact Susanne Igneri 516-803-2339 / signeri@cablevision.com.

Audia Chevrolet Millbrook supports local charities and community based initiatives that serve the residents of the Hudson Valley.  To learn more about Audia Motors visit their website at AudiaMotors.com.

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