Friday, May 11, 2012

The Automotive Car Dealer Why Choose Them?



Top 5 Reasons to Use a Car Dealership for Your Service and Repair Needs.

1.  Trained Techs:
     Unlike most independent auto service facilities, dealership technicians are specifically trained
     on specific vehicle makes and models, making them intimately familiar with how that car

2.  Factory Parts:
     While most aftermarket auto parts are high quality, to be absolutely certain you're getting the
     best parts for your car, it makes sense to use the same parts the factory uses-- or the same
     parts your dealership uses, in other words.

3.  Recall/TSB Information:
     While automakers are required to mail out information about vehicle recalls, dealership
     generally have the latest information about the recall.  Plus, dealerships are privy to
     technical service bulletins (TSBs) from automakers, giving their technicians knowledge
     about specific problems or issues a vehicle might be having.

4.  Diagnostic and Repair Equipment:
     Auto dealerships are required to have the latest and most up-to-date diagnostic and repair 
     equipment to service vehicles.  It is rare to hear a dealership explain that they do not have the
     parts or equipment to service even the newest vehicle models.          

5.  Customer Satisfaction:
      Ever wonder why dealerships are so concerned about ensuring their service customers
     "happiness" They have to be.  Factories require dealerships to maintain minimum customer
      service scores in order to be considered for special programs and, in some cases, to even
      keep their franchise

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