Thursday, April 12, 2012

Automotive Car Care Service For The Spring

Spring Is In The Air:
Spring is the perfect time to have Audia Chevrolet inspect your car and to ensure it's up to date with all required maintenance.    Below are a few basic tips to get you started for spring driving.

Spring Driving Tips:
§  Hitting potholes can throw your car’s front end out of alignment.  If your car is pulling
   when driving, then you may have a problem and need to have your  alignment checked.

§  Rain is a common spring driving hazard.  Tires can hydroplane on a layer of water; losing
   contact with the road and causing the vehicle to skid, slow down during a rain storm. 

§  Spring rain can also dampen visibility.   It’s important to check all vehicles operating    
   lights.These lights are important and help you to see, but also serve as a way to
   with other motorists. 

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